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200+ High PR Guest Blogging Sites that Accept Guest Blog Posts SEOKINGTOOLS.COM

200+ High PR Guest Blogging Sites that Accept Guest Blog Posts SEOKINGTOOLS.COM

This article, we are providing a massive list of 200+ High PR Guest Blogging Sites 2019. list of sites that accept guest blog posts. Also, see the list of Dofollow Blog Commenting Site

What is a Guest Blog Post?

Guest Posting means publishing Blog Post or Article in someone’s website/ blog. Guest posts are beneficial for both website/ blog owner and author. There are too many sites and authors/ writers that accept guest posts and like to write blog posts on other websites for SEO benefits. But finding those websites/ blogs is not a very easy task. So we have provided a huge list of websites/ blogs that accept Guest Blog Posts.

How Guest Posting is Beneficial?

Guest Posts can help both website owners and writers. We have discussed them in the following table-

For Website Owners

Helps to Get High-Quality Blog Posts/ Contents.
Helps to Make their blog Updated.
Saves Time.
Builds Relationship with other bloggers.

For Writers/ Authors/ Bloggers

They Get High-Quality Dofollow Backlinks pointing to Own Blog.
Helps to Drive More Traffic to Blogs.
Increase Blog’s Domain Authority (DA) as well as Search Engine Ranking.
Builds Relationship with other bloggers.

How to Find Guest Blog Posting Opportunity?

As I mentioned above, finding Guest Blog Posting Opportunity is not a very easy task. To do the same you have to use some tools. Some of the online tools that can be used to find Guest Blogging sites are-

It is a powerful tool to find a list of Blogs that Accept Guest Posts. We can find Guest Post Opportunities related to your blog niche. It is very useful for writers/ blogger who wants to write Guest Posts and build some Quality Backlinks to their blog.

2.Fiverr/ and are very useful for website owners who want to keep their blog updated. They can get Quality articles/content for their blogs at cheap prices like 5$.

Technology Blogs

TechEarticle – Write a Guest Post
Beat The Fish – Write a Guest Post
TechieBlogger – Write a Guest Post
Trouble Fixers – Write a Guest Post
Shoutmetech – Write a Guest Post
ReadWrite – Write a Guest Post
Calling All Geeks – Write a Guest Post
Sitepoint – Write a Guest Post
Techwalls – Write a Guest Post
TechAtLast – Write a Guest Post

Blogging/ SEO/ Affiliate Marketing/ Make Money Online

KISSmetrics – Write a Guest Post
Copyblogger – Write a Guest Post
Social Media Examiner – Write a Guest Post
Duct Tape Marketing – Write a Guest Post
Work it, Mom – Write a Guest Post
SmartBloggerz – Write a Guest Post
Famous Bloggers – Write a Guest Post
Mirasee – Write a Guest Post
Shoutmeloud – Write a Guest Post
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