Monday, 9 March 2020

why is website security system important for SEO rank? -- SEOKINGTOOLS.COM

why is website security system important for SEO rank? -- SEOKINGTOOLS.COM
Following Google’s Chrome update in 2017, sites that have “FORMS” but have no SSL certificate are marked as insecure. The SSL certificate, “Secure Sockets Layer” is the technology that encrypts the link between a browser and a web server, protects the site from hackers, and also makes sure thats all the data who searched in that gets passed between a browser and a web server remains private. Image source A normal website comes with a locked key in the URL bar, but sites without SSL certificates, on the other hand, have the tag “Not Secure”. This applies to any website that has any form. According to research carried out by Hubspot, 82% of those that responded to a consumer survey stated that they would leave a website that is not secure. And since Google chrome has already holds about 67% out of the whole market share, that way he is a lot of traffic to lose. Image source Technically, the major benefit of having Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) instead of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is that it gives users a more secure connection that they can use to share personal data with you. This adds an additional layer of security which becomes important especially if you are accepting any form of payment on your site.
To move from HTTP to HTTPS you have to get an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer certificate) installed on your website. Image source  Once you get your SSL certificate installed successfully on a web server and configured, Google Chrome will show a green light. It will then act as a padlock by providing a secure connection between the browser and the webserver. For you, what this means is that even if a hacker is able to intercept your data, it will be impossible for them to decrypt it. yourSecurity systems may have a minor direct effect on your website ranking, but it affects your website in so many indirect ways. It may mean paying a little price, but in the end, the effort is worth it. CEO at SEO POW, they provide an organic link building website agency. He can be found on Twitter. Related reading Creating SEO-friendly how-to content is a good way to engage your audience, fuel SEO, and take on the customer journey from brand awareness to sales. What if I told you that accessibility and SEO could be go hand in hand? Let's see how it can be done with websites and website pages structure, images, and more. It had been eight years since schema was introduced, many brands are yet to implement it.
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